About You and Me - Are We a Fit? About You and Me - Are We a Fit?

About You...


There is something sacred and powerful in nature.

You feel it. You know it.

Your Spidey Senses and research has led you here.

If you’re like me, you are deeply uneasy about what’s becoming of the world, and our planet.

You’ve noticed the move away from original, traditional and indigenous ways of living and being to smart phones, smart homes, and tech on every conceivable level - as we cut down our last old growth, pollute our last pristine waters and turn our last bit of lush topsoil into lifeless, dry dust.

You suspect more is coming. In the midst of all this chaos and inhumanity, you want to preserve as many of these old wise understandings of what it means to be a conscious, sentient Being living on this planet.

And here are some other areas where your views and mine probably overlap…

Quality time in nature is essential for you because the outdoors is your home; your happy place. Time in the office can get too much - and you realize it is time to make that change.

You might even find yourself unreasonably drawn to the strength of the mountains – particularly the mountains of Appalachia.

And if people pronounce it “Apple-LAY-sh-e-ah,” well… They’ll get an apple thrown “AT-CHA” because we respect our ancestors, elders, and ourselves enough to pronounce it the way they did.

if you had time in your busy schedule, You may fancy yourself beginning your own fermented foods, sourdough starter, or making homemade sauces or tea blends. You certainly have a deep affection for the pre-industrial revolution way of life and have somewhat of a passion in preserving what is valuable, time-tested, and wise.

We’re not saying hold on to everything from the past,


Some things are meant to be left lying in the powdery shadows of end

especially as we move into this great age of Aquarius!

But some things…

Some things belong to the wisdom of the ancients, and you feel we must bring it forward to shine brightly into the future.

On Politics:

You have a growing mistrust in what is becoming of our world, along with “the system”(s) within it. You become more and more distrustful of big pharma, big tech, big government, and corporate giants (even the one you may work for).

You have come to realize that the “common sense” of personal autonomy is not-so-common anymore, and it deeply concerns you.

Your likely the black (or psychedelic) sheep of your family,.

You’ve lived long enough to know that just because an ideal is popular doesn’t make it right. You know free and open discussion of serious matters is the only way to have both conflict and trauma resolutions.

In fact, you would like to see this kind of integrity restored to humanity.

 “Politically homeless” is a term that you are extremely familiar with these days.

Has everyone lost their minds!?” is a frequently asked question in your brain.

All you know is that finding safe haven from dogma and fundamentalism is nearly impossible yet absolutely priceless when – and if – you find it.
(hint…it exists in this community)

On Real Life:

You never miss an opportunity to look up at the night sky - for you know more is out there than just a few stars.

You constantly peek to see the latest astrological transit, and when something goes wrong your instinctual questions is, “Is it Mercury Retrograde again??

Esoteric and hidden knowledge piques your curiosity and perhaps even drives you to seek the truth. In fact, it seems you’re always in search of the answers to life’s BIGGEST questions.

You Often Find yourself Talking About:
Herbalism, shamanism, the planets, animism, astrology, Yoga, the elementals, the paranormal, Hermetics, philosophy, the unknown, disclosure, meditation, trancework, cross-cultural healing, ancestral work, the afterlife, energy medicine, traditional foods and holistic medicines are subjects you could talk about happily because, small talk never really was your style – even if you can do it.

You talk a lot about “shadow work” or self-reflection, and you suspect that, when we do our inner work – the ripple wave effects are immeasurable, and it creates healing for ALL.

Maybe you have a well-worn copy of “Shaman, Healer, Sage" by Alberto Villoldo, and you have several oracle decks and crystals that you are absolutely obsessed with or perhaps you have one of each, or all of them.

You’re compelled by the works of People Like:
Don Miguel Ruiz, Russell Targ, Joseph Campbell, Carlos Castanada, George Orwell, Rupert Sheldrake, Sandra Ingerman, Terrence McKenna, Graham Hancock, Carl Jung, Alberto Villoldo, and maybe even Dolores Cannon because that stuff is fascinating!

Things you might be likely to have (or would be keen to have) in your house, in no particular order:

A great blender like a Blendtec, espresso maker, seeds, herbal medicines and supplements, crystals, beloved pets, geodes, tarot and oracle decks in the bookshelf, fine knives in the kitchen, a mortar and pestle, throw blankets, incense, sage, salt lamps, sacred objects, herbs and flowers, bells, plants and growing things for days, candles, wax seals, hurricane lamps, hand crafted earthen ware, parchments and stationary, writing instruments, natural fabrics, an array of supplies for arts and crafting, books, recipe notes, and journals.

On Local:

You may have been spotted at a drum circle or moon ceremony a time or two, and the local farmer’s markets and fairs are something you really look forward to.

Handmade anything is your jam.

Maybe You wonder about traditional skills in our communities of all kinds and cultures, as a response to the emerging technocracy and transhumanist agenda.

Creating a well-connected community of farmers, herbalists, holistic healers, artists, and other wellness and food providers is something you either see missing or would like to be part of.

Your Dreams:

You wish your city was filled with orchards, backyard chickens, urban bee keeping, food forests and front yard gardens.

Just the thought of getting away for a wellness retreat with the like-minded is so deeply nourishing and refreshing to you.

If you haven’t already gotten certified in some form of energy medicine, you’d sure like to someday.

You wish your community had more young families and wise elders working together to identify the strengths, gifts and talents of themselves and their children so those qualities can be nurtured and cultivated for a more balanced, holistic world.

You realize that THE KEY to exit the Matrix is to once and for all discover your true soul purpose and path of highest destiny, and you are ready to take that quantum jump.

You secretly realize that YOU are one of these wise elders in the making, and you dream of finding that perfect guide to assist your inner Phoenix rising.

I have heard it said that you can’t smell shit if you are standing in it. You must step outside it, to smell the stench.

Your life was meant to be one of purpose, joy, and inspiration! It is my goal to move you to higher ground.

Why not move out of these darker spaces and depressive places and dream a new world into being?

It would be my honor to help you embrace the luminous being of love that you are today!

What is your definition of success??

Grace Elpatrick

"Grace Elpatrick, (aka Metamystic Muse) is an Appalachian medicine woman and founder of SoulFire Alchemy Academy and SoulFire Ministries of the Smoky Mountains. She provides powerful experiences through her dynamic courses, empowering mentorship, and life changing retreats - weaving together many ancient wisdoms, earth based mindfulness, astrology, neuroscience, and holistic wellness.

She is drawn to the unconventional as well as the old-fashioned, is wildly humorous, and loves to inspire and illuminate new perspectives from the stage.

Her secret super power is singing after suffering damage to her vocal cords during a severe and sudden illness that left her in a coma for 5 days, life support 2 weeks, months of hospitalization, and a harrowing death experience that called her to shamanism.

Her passion is to help you break free from toxic patterns and limiting beliefs, understand how to navigate the depths of introspection, integration and self love practices in order to heal from the past, unearth your brilliant gifts, find your soulful voice of truth, and live the fulfilling, empowered life your heart desires."

"Grace is the founder of SoulFire Ministries and SoulFire Alchemy Academy.

For a deeper look at her backstory, experience, credentials, NDE, and her BIG WHY, learn all about it here.

What makes working with or learning from me unique?

Over the years as I continue to learn, grow and evolve, I have gained extensive knowledge and practice in many things that don't seem related to many people - but I notice connections and interconnectedness where others don't. Of course I am a life-long student of the mysteries and mystery schools, and yet I have what seems as lifetimes of wisdom to draw upon when needed most.

Instead of a set, stringent or scripted set of rules - I take every single tool in my bundle - what I learned from my NDE, how I've healed my own (physical, emotional, and spiritual) traumas, and more than 25+ years of training and experience to help YOU find your purpose, achieve healing, and lo fully step into BEing the Living Author of Your own story,

I have spent much of my life researching and working with the ideas of consciousness, neuroscience and epigenetics, the multidimensional and deeply faceted realms of introspection, self-reflection, shadow work, integration and self love practices, Jungian psychotherapy, astrology, herbology, nutrition, theology, the neurobiology and psychology of trauma and energy medicine, sacred contracts, sacred geometry ,anthropology, most branches of science/physics, numerology, the tarot, and other facets of ancient and esoteric wisdom, just to name a few. To understand these fields of study better allows to develop a more complete method of  trauma resolution and relief from fear, depression, anxiety, feelings of lack and limitation, and dis-ease.

Learn more about what I do and my credentials and background here.

So WHY am I here?

I'm a Metaphysician, Doctor of Divinity, shamanistic healer, spiritual counselor, astrologer, writer, speaker, entertainer, and visionary with over 25 years in the alternative healing and mystical arts. Known as "Metamysic Muse online," I am the senior minister of SoulFire Ministries, and Dean of SoulFire Alchemy™ Academy of Metaphysics and Sacred Arts in the Smoky Mountains.

I assist others in revealing, healing, and refining themselves by alchemizing many modalities of ancient practices, modern neuroscience, trauma healing, and broad supernatural experiences I have been privileged to survive and glean wisdom from on my own journey.  

Still, I go bare-footed on the earth - preferably right out of bed when it's early morning dew or in the rain. I walk down by the creek and remember who I Am. Sometimes it's a fire that I kindle, tend and burn what isn't contributing to my highest and best. Other times I use the techniques I've learned to dig deep, heal, and find out what makes me the hero in this story (hERstory).

Let's Find Out What Makes You The Hero In Yours!