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From Suffering to sovereignty!

Holistic Wellness Solutions through Artistic Self-Evolution

I unlock self-mastery solutions by creating strategic, bespoke pathways for healing, recovery, and empowered wisdom revelations.

I help creative professionals and solopreneurs who struggle with unworthiness and loss stemming from a wounded past to develop sharp self-awareness and personal power without aimlessly searching for and spending exorbitant amounts of money and time on "cookie cutter" answers.

I illuminate your custom artistic self-evolution solutions and revealing your hidden life-scripts and pathways. My signature fusion of the ancient mystical practices, philosophies, natural healing, trauma resolution techniques, spiritual and near-death experiences I have been privileged to survive and glean wisdom from on my own journey is known as SoulFire Alchemy™, and SomaVeda® Integrated Therapies.

~ Rev. Dr. Grace Elpatrick 

SoulFire Alchemy Services

  • I can help you pin point your blind spots, unacknowledged talents and unseen gifts
  • I can help you on your holistic healing and spiritual awakening journey
  • I can assist you in managing your dietary habits, aches and pains
  • I'll identify what makes you "tick," reveal your natural intuitive abilities, and help you make sense of your spiritual experiences
  • I offer techniques for self-improvement in many areas including healing, self-love, self-esteem, and self-awareness
  • I help you unearth your rich and brilliant gifts so you can manifest the life you desire 
  • I help you cultivate your spiritual connection to the natural world, your ancestors, and spiritual guides
  • I help you build spiritual, physical, emotional and mental agility so you can develop and assert healthy boundaries 
  • I facilitate Workshops, Speaking, Training and Retreats

Wouldn't You
if YOU
Could. . .

Mend Your Unhealed Wounds?

Resolve Health issues and feel better overall?
Have Fulfilling, balanced

Your Inner Guidance?

   Manifest Your heart's Desires?

Discover Your Highest Potential?  

Live a Soulful, Purpose-Driven Life?

. . .And do so  



Following my NDE in 2013, my spiritual perspectives and experiences shifted me forever and continue to profoundly aid my own transformation in life. I have helped countless others arise renewed from this dark night of the soul - fully awakened and empowered to live the life they want!

"Going through the "Lodges" or Directions of the medicine wheel, building my mesa, understanding the depths of my astrological chart, and various energy medicine tools which I applied to myself, I healed even the many physical ailments that came with the illness I suffered, as well as the fallout - including organ failures, tumors, and life threatening blood clots, severe childhood trauma, emotional wounding, and toxic habits such as obesity, nail biting, traumatizing relationships, and so much more -  and all using these sacred Earth, holistic, and Energy medicines, ancient Indigenous wisdom, and ancestral + Cosmic connections." 
~ Rev. Grace ElPatrick, Ph.D, D.Div.

Click here to learn more about my story.  

Do you sometimes struggle with feeling exhausted, UNWELL, Unbalanced, shunned, held down -  from not being able to ACHIEVE GREAT HEALTH, fully know how to speak your truth or manifest the physical, mental, spiritual GLOW-UP you desire?

 Are toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, or destructive thoughts haunting you?  

What I do is help you navigate the realms of your holistic bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & Inner self) using many tools of SomaVeda® Integrated Therapies (indigenous & Native American healthcare,  Training, Education, Ministerial Counseling, Nutritional Consulting, NLP/hypnosis, astrology, bespoke ceremony and ritual guidance) so you can understand that, not only is it possible to heal from your traumas and ill-informed choices, but you can also break free from the blocks keeping you stuck in frustration, pain, and suffering.

Become the Author of Your Own Destiny

and the 

SuperBEing of Your Every. Single. Story.
Unlock your custom pathways to self-evolution, healing solutions, and inner wisdom!

SoulFire Ministries and SoulFire Alchemy Academy Membership Options

Our SomaVeda® Integrated Therapies  including HOLISTIC LIFE COACH HEALING MENTORSHIP, MONASTIC HEALTHCARE, SEMINARY, AND Sacred Arts Degree Programs, MEMBERSHIP options are now available.
This consultation will last an hour. It will get you in touch with us to answer your questions regarding tuition, terms, areas of study, and sacred treatments and traditional health plans and services.

Seminary and College

Sign up below for news and updates on this year's curriculum. Fall Semester begins August 29, 2024.


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Our primary objective in collaborating is to achieve a greater understanding of YOURSELF for deeper Evolutionary Growth, Spiritual Freedom, and ENTHUSIASM for LIFE.

All Courses

SoulFire Alchemy Sanctuary Retreats

A Full Day Personal Retreat(s) Whether you are in the beginning stages of awakening and body-mind wellness, or looking for a potent upgrade of your own personal power, this transformational day is an exquisite gift for yourSelf.

Each 9-hour, one-on-one SoulFire Self-Mastery Day is designed to achieve maximum healing alchemy.

Reiki Levels I, II, III and Crystal Reiki Master Initiation /Certifications
SoulFire Ministries Ceremonies & Rites of Passage

What truly is still held sacred in these days and times? What important milestones of life are simply overlooked, misunderstood, and minimized as modern culture has lost its' inner-standing of Who we are and what bridges our past to our future - our SOUL PATH and PURPOSE?

Book A Clear Vision Quest

SoulFire Alchemy(TM) is a trademark of SoulFire Ministries

What People Are Saying. . .

"I attended a full moon fire ceremony a few months ago, and I'm still feeling its benefits. I had never participated in a fire ceremony before, and Grace  was very warm and welcoming. She explained things very clearly which helped calm my nerves and allowed me to just enjoy the experience. That night was very powerful for me. SoulFire provided a space where I was able to finally release a heavy burden of mine, and 3 months later I can say it is truly gone. I highly recommend experiencing for yourself the love and power found at Soulfire Alchemy!" 

Anne Nickels
Johnson City, TN

"I had an energy healing session with her on the day of the full moon and it was fantastic! I never did anything like it before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I could feel the energetic shift in my root and heart chakras! Afterwards I could feel tingling in my root chakra area. The worry and fear that usually is quietly accompanying me thru out the day and night seems gone! I feel lighter and so much less anxious with a noticeable absence of the daily irrational fear I wrestle with. It's amazing! I am so grateful for her work and I look forward to doing more!”

Tammy Lipp
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"Just had a natal chart reading from Grace and Wow. Very informative and we'll articulated. Your voice is soothing and your approach is so kind. This was insightful and helps me to better understand myself, my place, my purpose, and my timing in this world. We are all blessed to have you here. Thank you Grace" 

Kyle Danler
Session type: Natal Chart Reading

"Well let’s just say I have had a 10-year funk going on. Tried every way that I knew or could find that was available to me to fix the problem (self help books, religion, and many others). Nothing seemed to get me completely over the problem and return me to my former state of mind. So one day I was on FB looking at events in my local area and saw SoulFire Alchemy's
[page]. So, I thought 'why not let’s see what happens.'
So SoulFire facilitated a Shamanic healing session for me and when I left her I felt like a ten pound weight had been lifted from me. She found some nasty little buggers that had been holding on to me and sent them on their merry little way. I have been truly blessed by her practice and would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a transformational healing! Bless you Beth with much light and love."

Mindy Paxton
Kingsport, TN

Session Type: SoulFire Alchemy Session

 "I really enjoy listening to you talk so much. Thank you for my amazing natal chart reading just recently. I now work from home and love it. So many things you said made crazy sense and totally described me to the core.... You have such kindness and a super sweet voice."

Liat Stillman
Session type: Pre-recorded Natal Chart + Tarot reading