Ignite your Soulful WiSDOM
Awaken Your Healing JOURNEY

Heal Your Past And your Pain

Redefine Your Self Image And your 360° Integrity

- so you can -

Reclaim YOUR Personal Power, Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Your Journey to Awakening, Holistic Health, Success, and


Begins Here...

Break Free.

Heal D

Live Fearlessly.

SoulFire Alchemy

Are you an entrepreneurial-minded, executive, or busy "DO ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME" type who feels impending middle age, and you realize you're not getting younger?

Do you sometimes still struggle with feeling exhausted, in pain, held down - from not being able to fully know how to speak your truth or manifest the GLOW-UP you desire?

Are toxic relationships and unhealthy habits or destructive thoughts still interfering with your life, despite having tried self-help books, spiritual practices, or healers to no avail?  

What I do is help you navigate
the realms of the inner self, bring balance to the physical body, the mind/emotions, and Spirit
using many tools of the healing arts,
so you can achieve total wellness, heal from your past,
AND also break free
from the blocks and suffering keeping you stuck and frustrated!

I can help you call back your personal energies and create a harmonious balance in body, mind, and soul so you can


"I am determined to stay strongly focused on the passions of my heart, the power of my wisdom, the grace in my beauty, and the bright bliss of my excellent health, wealth, and vitality - with GREAT COURAGE and STRENGTH! 

THIS IS MY PRAYER, and how I work - with and FOR YOU. 

When you intentionally live 

a fully Heart and Soul-driven life, 

is when you are TRULY Health and Happy."

- Rev Grace Elpatrick, Ph.D., D.Div.
Founder and Director, SoulFire Ministries

Pictured LEFT: Rev. Dr. Grace Elpatrick, several months after her sudden illness, hospitalization and NDE (near death experience).
Pictured Right: Dr. Grace, circa 2021. See more about my story there.